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Jaktec Jk-M2 Single Needle Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

Introducing the JK-M2 Direct-Drive High-Speed Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine with a cutting-edge servo motor – a powerhouse of stability, efficiency, and precision.

Experience sewing perfection on light to heavy materials with unparalleled seam quality, thanks to its stable performance, low noise, and minimal vibration.
The machine’s outstanding feeding mechanism ensures a flawless finish, preventing puckering on light fabrics and eliminating thread breakage on heavier materials.
Needle type : DBX1- 11#-18#

Key Features:

Maximum sewing speed: 5,500 stitches/ minute

Automatic Lubrication: Effortless maintenance with automatic lubrication.

Power Saving: Fitted with a 550W servo motor for energy efficiency.

Needle Positioning: Boosted working efficiency with automatic needle positioning.

Stitch Length: Achieve the perfect stitch with a 5mm length.

Elevate your sewing game with the JK-M2 – where innovation meets reliability for a stitch-perfect experience.



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