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Posh Fashion Ng is not just a hub for fashion innovation but your source for the tools of the trade.

Our journey began in 2017 with a clear purpose : To empower Fashion designers, Fashion schools and sewist with the best equipment and resources available.

We understand the artistry of sewing and Fashion designing, the precision it demands and that creativity thrives when you have the right sewing tools, that’s why we have carefully selected every product in our catalog to cater to the unique needs of Fashion designers and Fashion stylists.

Our curated premium selection includes: sewing machines, automatic stoning machines, Monogram machines, Clothing racks, Hangers, Mannequins, Dress forms, Adjustable mannequins, Garment steamers, Industrial irons, Swarovski stones, Embroidery machines and more Sewing essentials to fuel your creativity, help you bring up your designs to life and make your sewing experience more efficient and enjoyable.

We have grown into a brand that you can trust. Let us be your source for quality inspiration and supply of premium sewing tools.

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