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Computerized Suit Button Hole Machine

Introducing the JACK JK-9820-01 computerized Eyelet Keyhole Buttonhole Sewing Machine – your ultimate companion for precision stitching across a range of fabrics. This powerhouse is tailor-made for jeans, suits, trousers, shirts, and beyond. Customize your sewing experience with adjustable stitch numbers, hole length, and gap between ends.

This electronic marvel boasts multiple keyhole patterns stored in memory, easily accessible with a simple push button.
The servo-controlled feed mechanism and needle bar rotation system ensure a superior sewing experience.
Take control with the option to decide whether the thread is cut before or after, while fine-tuning the knife and clamp positions for impeccable results on every project.

With a remarkable speed of 2500 stitches per minute, this machine turbocharges your productivity, allowing you to accomplish more in less time.

The automatic lubrication system keeps your materials stainless, ensuring longevity and quality. Assembled with a silent servo motor, this JACK machine lets you sew at rapid speeds without the constant disturbance of loud noises. Elevate your craftsmanship with it.



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