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Butterfly JH8190S

Introducing the Butterfly JH 8190 – Where Learning to Sew Meets Effortless Mastery!

Unlock the world of sewing with grace and precision with the Butterfly JH 8190. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, this sewing marvel is your gateway to creativity and craftsmanship.

Key Features that Set the Butterfly JH 8190 Apart:

14 Inbuilt Stitches: From basic stitches to intricate patterns, explore a versatile range of 14 inbuilt stitch functions.

Adaptable Design: Seamlessly transition between a traditional flat bed machine and a free arm for tackling curves and sleeves with finesse.

LED Sewing Lights: Illuminate your sewing journey even in the darkest hours. The LED sewing lights ensure clarity and precision, letting you see every stitch, every detail, with absolute clarity.

What’s Inside the Box?

Traditional Metal Chassis Machine: A robust sewing companion built for durability and reliability.

Top Loading Bobbin: Effortless bobbin loading for uninterrupted sewing sessions.

Auto Set Stitch Length and Width: Let the machine take care of the details, so you can focus on your creativity.

4-Step Buttonhole: Craft professional buttonholes with ease.

Free Arm Capability: Seamlessly switch to free arm mode for precision in curves and sleeves.

Maximum Stitch Width 5mm, Maximum Stitch Length 4mm: Achieve the perfect stitch dimensions for your creations.

Comprehensive Instruction Manual: Your guide to mastering every feature of this exceptional sewing machine.

Electric Power and Accessories:

Electric Power: Reliable and efficient power to fuel your creativity.

Essential Accessories: Bobbin, Needles, Small Screwdriver, and Thread Spool – everything you need for a seamless sewing experience.

The Butterfly JH 8190 is not just a sewing machine; it’s a catalyst for your creative journey. Unleash your imagination, perfect your craft, and sew with unparalleled ease. Elevate your stitching exper
ience with this sewing machine.



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