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Butterfly Industrial Button Hole Machine

Step into efficiency with the Butterfly Industrial Buttonhole Machine – a powerhouse in garment industries, simplifying the buttonhole creation process with precision and ease. Say goodbye to the complexities of hand sewing as this motor-controlled marvel effortlessly crafts buttonholes, ensuring a seamless and professional finish.

Tailor-made for shirts and adaptable to various fabrics, this Industrial Buttonhole machine is your go-to for both ordinary and knitted materials, whether light or heavy.

The size of the hole is crafted with meticulous precision, matching the button that will elegantly adorn your garment.

Experience versatility at your fingertips with adjustable buttonhole settings to meet your specific size requirements.

This machine isn’t just about ease; it operates with an automatic lubrication system and thread trimmer, ensuring smooth and efficient performance with every stitch. Elevate your garment production with the Butterfly Industrial Buttonhole Machine – where simplicity meets sophistication, and precision is stitched into every buttonhole.



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