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Presenting our exclusive 2-in-1 Template Boards – a dynamic duo comprising one meticulously crafted Laser Cut Template Board and one Stone Template Board. 🌟

Unleash your creativity with the Laser Cut Template, as a soldering iron effortlessly brings to life intricate designs for your Asooke, Iro and Buba, Kaftan, Gele, and more. Precision meets tradition, allowing you to redefine your style with unparalleled accuracy.

And of course, the Stone Template is your trusted companion for adding that extra touch of glamour. These boards are your gateway to stunning embellishments.

These design has been thoughtfully curated to inspire and elevate your creations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own these unique boards that seamlessly blend innovation with tradition.

Hurry, claim yours now and embark on a journey of design excellence!


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